8mR Yacht Spazzo Specifications

    Construction: Yacht & Bootswerft Josef Martin
    Design: Juliane Hempel
    Built: 1998
    Sail number: 8 GER 10
    Length overall: 13,44 m
    Length in the water line: 9,25 m
    Beam max: 2.67 m
    Draft max 1.98 m
    Displacement: 8.2 t
    Sail area, rated: 82

    Hull: Cold moulded mahogany, 7 layers, Epoxy vacuum technique.
    Deck: Foam composite with teak top layer
    Mast and boom: Aluminium, Speedwave - Proctor extrusion
    Spinnaker pole: Carbon fibre, Speedwave
    All blocks: Harken
    Winches: Lewmar racing
    Instruments: Tecnautic, Switzerland
    Hydraulics by Speedwave: Mainsail outhaul - Fore stay - Mast step - Boomvang
    Sails: North 3DL

    Spazzo is a modern International 8-Metre yacht built to the design of
    Dipl. Ing. Juliane Hempel. The hull is the result of extensive tank testing at
    the University of Kiel, Germany. The yacht is uncompromisingly built to the
    highest standards using the best material available. The yard of Josef Martin
    is well known for their first class and impeccable quality of workmanship
    following generations of yacht building on the shores of Lake Constance.

    Spazzo has been constructed according to the 1993 International Eight
    Metre Class Rating Rules in cold moulded mahogany. The construction
    followed the Lloyd's Register Rules for the construction of wooden yachts
    1957 and the building survey and classification has been performed by
    Germanische Lloyd from Hamburg. (Reg. No. 92728)

    Hull construction

    Vacuum cold moulded construction using West System Epoxy resins.
    7 Layers of diagonal mahogany, the last layer in carvel. The hull thickness
    depends on the position, on average 26,5mm. Underwater the hull has been
    additionally reinforced with 2 layers of biaxial glass and epoxy. The hull has
    been vacuum pressed. The keel is built from laminated mahogany and extra
    reinforced at the keel bolt area. Two strong laminated ring frames have been
    placed in the mast area. The shelf is built from light weight and defect free
    spruce. The bulkheads have been constructed from water boil proof plywood
    AW100. The load bearing bulkheads are 18mm, the light bulkheads are 10
    and 12 mm.

    Deck construction

    The deck construction is a high tech foam laminate. The deck construction
    was vacuum laminated in a composite of:

    1- Underdeck 4mm 3-layer plywood
    2- 18mm Herex 80 hardfoam
    3- Top deck 4mm, 3-layer plywood
    4- Teak deck, 6mm bent strips

    The deck beams are of light and defect free spruce, clear varnished. The
    bottom of the deck has been varnished high gloss white. The teak deck is
    finished with mahogany linings. The cockpit and stern are also in clean
    varnished mahogany.


    The cockpit is not self draining and constructed in a light weight foam
    composite. Teak veneer walking floors combined elegance with excellent
    anti slip properties.


    The coachroof is built from selected quarter sawn mahogany. Laminated
    construction ensures strength and minimum weight. The accommodation is
    to the minimum requirements, two fixed berths midships; in addition a light
    weight pipe berth is installed in the fore castle.

    Keel and ballast

    The keel is cast from antimon hardened lead. The keelbolts are in stainless
    steel 316. The trim flap is also cast in lead. The wings are laminated and
    ballast neutral.


    Narrow and deep rudder following the latest developments. Constructed in
    glass fibre with reinforcements in AIMg Si1. The rudder has a core of Airex
    C70/90 hard foam. The rudderpost is made of glass fibre and has a
    Speedwave pendule bearing system.

    Mast and rigging

    Tapered aluminium mast made by Speedwave from a Proctor extrusion.
    Boom made by Speedwave, also from proctor extrusion. Double spreader
    arrangement with jumpers. Speedwave rod rigging. Speedwave hydraulic
    system for adjustment of boomvang, mainsail outhaul, mastfoot and fore
    stay. Carbon fibre spinnaker pole, oval and tapered section.